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How Important Is Local Search?

How important is local search?  So important that without it you are pretty much guaranteed to go under.  Some of the most common questions we get regarding [...]

Do you need a new website? A quick answer to a difficult question

Do you need a new website? A quick answer to a difficult question. Do you need a new website? It sounds so simple, but it is a [...]

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Is Social Media Really That Easy?

Is social media really that easy?  In short, NO!  There is nothing easy about it.  It takes time, preparation, strategy, time, education, time, software, time and above [...]

The effect social media has on our brain – INFOGRAPHIC

What is the real effect social media has on our brain?  We hear people talking about it all the time, but what is the real effect?  I [...]

Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Have A Social Media Strategy

The top 10 reasons people don't have a social media strategy is just the beginning when I sat down and looked at all the reasons I have [...]

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Preparing For a Social Media Consultation

Preparing for a social media consultation ~ The Importance Preparing for a social media consultation is just as important as your social media efforts, which is why [...]

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Need to be more productive? Check out this beautiful infographic and learn how!

We all want to be more productive and everyone is trying to tell you how.  We discovered this really cool infographic on how to be more productive [...]

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How to use social media in order to promote your business

As you well know, social media plays an important role in the existence of any business, and therefore you should definitely use it in order to gain [...]

The impact of social media over several businesses

The truth is that there are many marketing strategies, one being more successful than the other. This means that you have multiple ways to promote your business [...]

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The importance of social media marketing

Social media plays an important role in many fields, and marketing is one of them. As you well know marketing is essential in the life of any [...]

3 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Social Media

Define the Role of Social Media in your Marketing Campaigns It is essential to determine the role social media platforms will play in your campaigns before even [...]

3 Marketing Cliches that Drive Us Nuts

Cliches drive us crazy in general, but marketing cliches are even worse.  It takes so much creativity and a lot of communication for a marketing campaign to [...]

Facebook Ads – Worth it or Wasteful?

We are constantly asked if Facebook Ads are worth it or wasteful.  While this is focusing on Facebook Ads, you should really ask that question of any [...]