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Social media strategy and implementation is not just a buzz word it is truth in today’s marketplace.  There is an online conversation going on right now about your brand, are you a part of that conversation?  Don’t collect your fans ~ Engage Them!!  We have a clear and concise understanding of the social platforms invading the marketplace. We develop a strategy, execute, monitor and measure.  Social media is just that, a form of media that can no longer be ignored. Media in the true form is a vehicle for communicating your message.   Social media is another vehicle for delivering your message among a crowd of prospects that are sharing, creating and exchanging information at a record pace.  Social media is not the answer to your problem, it is a tool in your tool box.  To build your business you must have a strategy on how you are going to use those tools.  We believe that the sales funnel is no longer vertical, Social Media has transformed it into an ever changing, flowing linear space that gives you opportunities at multiple junctures.

All the advertising in the world is becoming worthless without a social presence.  Simply stated: it is no longer what you tell the consumer about your brand, it is what their social circle tells them about your brand.  Your business cannot and will not survive without a social media strategy.  Even with a strategy, do you have the time?  We are strong believers that you will either spend time or you will spend money.  Go run your business, leave the social media to the geeks in our company who love it.  No, really, they love it, they really, really love it!  Call us and get some of that love for your business.

  • Facebook Page Management
  • Facebook Contest and Promotions
  • Facebook Ad Strategy
  • Facebook Content Strategy
  • Custom Timeline, Photos
  • Twitter Management
  • Twitter Content Strategy
  • Twitter Promoted Tweets Strategy
  • Custom Twitter Background
  • Follow and Follow Back Strategy
  • Linked In Personal Page Assistance
  • Linked In Business Page Creation and Management
  • Linked In Ads
  • Linked In Content Strategy
  • You Tube Channel Creation
  • Web Enhanced Video Placement
  • You Tube Advertising Strategy
  • Custom You Tube Graphics
  • Video Performance Reporting
  • Pinterest for Business Creation
  • Pinterest for Business Strategy
  • Pinterest for Business Reporting
  • Instagram Contest Strategy and Implementation
  • Social Media Reputation Management
  • Analytic Reporting for All Social Media
  • Content Creation for All Social Media
  • Integration of All Social Media into Website, Blog, Etc.

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